Covered trailers

designed and developed for AUSTRALIAN conditions




The TRAIL-A-BOOT comes with a number of optional extras from which you may choose:

  1. Soft-luggage rack inside lid - helps you utilize the internal space most efficiently
  2. Tailgate - can be modified to act as a self-supporting, level work surface
  3. Ramp - can be installed for roll-on cargo, such as electric scooters
  4. Bike mounting on front - carries up to 3-4 bicycles
  5. Roof rack/loader rack - for extra long pieces, such as ladders, skis or kayaks
  6. Nose cone - for improved aerodynamics, and storing volatile liquids
  7. Pin-striping - to match your vehicle
  8. Detachable towbar tongue - helps reduce total height when in storage

Please speak to your TRAIL-A-BOOT representative to get the latest prices for each of these extras, and for a full quotation on your package.