Covered trailers

designed and developed for AUSTRALIAN conditions




TRAIL-A-BOOT trailer bodies are made from 0.9mm galvanized steel sheet, with a primed, enamel-painted RHS chassis. The unit is finished externally with a coat of 2-pack polyurethane as standard, a finish which is stronger and more durable than powdercoating, and is also ideal for sign-writing. While we recommend the 2-pack polyurethane, powdercoating can of course be applied instead should you wish.

Each TRAIL-A-BOOT is made from all-new materials. This includes both tyres, as well as the spare wheel. Gas struts for the lid are optional, but are strongly recommended. Carrying capacity is over 400kg (800lb). Depending on the size of your trailer, total weight unloaded will be approximately 120kg.

The trailer is well-balanced for easy maneuverability when detached, and stands comfortably on its end for convenient storage. 4'x4' units will fit under a standard carport roof in this position.